Great News Scotland is Open Again for 2022


Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. We have just had some wonderful news today, Scotland is welcoming tourists back without the need for self isolating when you arrive, providing you have had been vaccinated, I am sure for this year anyway that there will still be some rules kept in place like the wearing of masks when indoor areas and public transport.The beauty of the private tours that I provide is that we do not have loads of people in the vehicle, the tours we carry out are for yourself and the people in your party up to 6 only.

As we start 2022 we couldn’t have wished for better news for the upcoming tourist season, on a personal note I am very pleased that all my clients that have had to postpone their private tours in the past should be free to enjoy my beautiful country of Scotland with Purple Heather Scottish Tours once again.

While tourism in Scotland has been virtually non existent we have not sat back for all that time, we have been thinking and planning for the future and how we can offer more private tours that are unique and less crowded, that the tour guide books don’t tell you about.

We have also been looking into partnering with other suppliers to offer unusual Experiences, which are out of the ordinary, some very extravagant but also some that would be an experience of a lifetime.
I hope to bring exciting news of this soon.

If there is one thing this pandemic has taught everybody is that we shouldn’t take life for granted and we should live life to the full.

I am sure when travel starts resuming around the world, there will be a lot of people that are maybe scared to travel outside their own country and I fully understand that reason.

Lastly, but not least, I would like to mention that you might have noticed my website has been getting a bit of an update over the last 6 months and I would like to thank Steve my web designer, and Andrea who have helped me immensely in what I was trying to achieve with the new design.

One more thing before I go is a few of you might have noticed that I have a new booking system on my website and I am pleased to announce that I have gone with a world wide company in FareHarbor.

Stay Safe
Kind Regards
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