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Hi everybody

Firstly I wished all my American friends and clients a happy Thanksgiving, hope you are still all enjoying the holiday weekend.

I spent time in Edinburgh this week, and one of the most important tasks was to do some videoing around the Edinburgh Christmas Market and to create content for a new video to post on my You Tube Channel, Purple Heather Scottish Tours. Our Youtube channel is a great resource for anyone interested in private, bespoke tours of Scotland.

Whilst In Edinburgh I decided to have a walk around and see what else I could maybe capture, I started up at the top of Calton Hill which gives you a great view of the wonderful skyline of Edinburgh, then walking down Regent road I headed for the Royal Mile and took in the views from just outside the Scottish Parliament that looked up at Arthurs Seat which is an extinct volcano that is millions of years old, from here I proceeded up the Royal Mile towards Edinburgh Castle, walking past the places I showed to so many of the people who join my private and bespoke tours.

As darkness started to fall it was time to catch a beautiful red sky just before a visit to the Edinburgh Christmas Market to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells that come with Christmas, the most incredible thing for me was seeing people just enjoying themselves with smiles on their faces.

Later in the week I went to Glasgow to see the difference between Edinburgh and Glasgow Christmas markets. I also did a video on the Glasgow Christmas market, my honest opinion is that it was a big disappointment , I have to say that on this occasion Edinburgh has much more, but I have found out that there was meant to be a lot more stalls etc in George Square but apparently the council of Glasgow cancelled, maybe they had spent all there budget on Cop 26.

Here is a link below to take you to my You Tube channel, please share in with anyone interested in private and bespoke tours of Scotland.

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