How To Become a Laird, Lord, or Lady of the Glen with Highland Titles

Did you know that you can become a Laird, Lord, or Lady of the Glen? And no, it’s not because you have discovered some lost Scottish ancestry that you didn’t know about. But “how is that possible?” I hear you ask… by purchasing a souvenir plot of land through Highland Titles.

Now there are a few “unofficial” ways out there on the Internet, but we can assure you that Highland Titles is the official one. And yes, you can even visit that little plot of land your own on your tour of Scotland.

So now we have your attention, we’ll tell you a little more about this fantastic Scottish company and what happens when you purchase a plot of land through Highland Titles.

Taken from their website –

“Our mission is to delight our customers by selling the most engaging gift in the world. We want people to love it whether they can visit or not.

Now in our 17th year, we believe we are well on the way to achieving this, and do not know of another gift company that engages so well and so often with its customers.

We take huge pride in our mission, as do our customers. Tens of thousands of Lairds, Lords and Ladies have visited the Highland Titles Nature Reserve at Duror, and all of them have strengthened their emotional ties with Scotland.

Wonderful, right? As a tour company in Scotland, we are all about helping people see the beauty of this wonderful country and strengthen ties to it. We may be slightly biased, but we think Scotland is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world and we want everyone to experience it.

If you want to read more about how Highland Titles got their start, we recommend taking time to read more on their website.

What happens after you purchase ?

While yes, when you purchase a plot, you will legally own it, you must understand the company cannot legally bestow the honour of a Laird, Lord, or Lady, the way that the king can, so you’ll hold that in name only. But what is special about this, is the meaning behind it. As mentioned above, you may purchase it for yourself or someone else to strengthen their ties to Scotland. Or perhaps for someone you love, much in the way you can name a star, or finally, simply because it’s fun. It’s fun to say you have a title because you own this plot of land in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, because who wouldn’t want to be a landowner in Scotland? (In our opinion anyway!)

As mentioned above, once you have purchased your plot of land, you can visit it! And if you want that to be part of your tour with Purple Heather Scottish Tours then we can try and make it happen. Some of the estates are more remote but The Highland Titles Nature Reserve near Duror and Glen Coe has a visitor’s centre and we’re huge fans of showing off the beauty of the Glen Coe and often recommend you visit this area.

Final thoughts

Highland Titles is the website you’re looking for when it comes to purchasing a legitimate souvenir plot of land in Scotland, one that you can see on a map through their innovative dashboard, and you can visit in person. We think it makes a fantastic gift for loved ones (or even yourself) and isn’t it fun to style yourself as a Lord, Lady, or Laird? We think so.

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