A Walk to the Falls of Clyde

I was thinking the other day I hadn’t made a video for a little while for my You Tube channel, as I have been very busy recently so I decided to take a walk from the World Unesco Heritage site of  New Lanark along to see the falls of Clyde. Even though I have done this so many times during my guided tours of Scotland, to say I was blown away by the Autumn colours would be an understatement, I was also very lucky as there had been a lot of rain over the few days before I went, so to see the waterfalls as fast flowing was breathtaking.

The Autumn is a great season for a private, bespoke tour of Scotland. If you are interested in photography, get in touch to discuss a custom tour.

Just click the video below and enjoy. Our Youtube channel is a great resource for anyone interested in custom tours of Scotland.