Travelling in 2022 or 2023?

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well, following on from my last post I thought I would try and give you a few more insights whilst travelling on vacation or holiday this year.

At present we are in full swing and the holiday season has come back after 2 years without much travel, which is great, but I hear it all the time and see it as well, that nothing seems the same after Covid.

Scotland is no different to any other country in the world at the moment, we do have a shortage of staff working in the hospitality and tourism industry, and it’s for this reason that when you hear people saying things have changed they have.

Airports, Airlines, Hotels, Restaurants, are not without their challenges at present. Here is a story of one of my returning clients who was forward thinking when planning for her overseas vacation to Scotland from the USA.

Whilst travelling she was wise enough to buy an Apple AirTag and put it in her case, when she arrived at the baggage area, and found out that her case was missing, the client opened up her app on the phone and because of the AirTag that she had put in her case she could track it and see that it was still in Schiphol Airport. On return we were lucky enough to pick the case up a few days later.

I see so many stories about how much money should we bring, and how can we pay for Restaurants etc. Here is a little insight into how it works here in Scotland, Credit cards are widely accepted, although American Express is accepted it isn’t accepted everywhere yet.

Scotland is extremely busy at the moment and of course the golfing world are just about to descend on the home of golf, St Andrews, with a sold out 150th Open. This is wonderful for Scotland and the economy and I’m sure it will be worth millions of pounds to Scotland.

Thinking ahead, if you are planning on coming to Scotland next year, 2023, may I suggest that you start looking ahead and start booking now as my clients are finding when they are looking for car rental, or hotels, some are booked up already.

When, and if, you do come to Scotland, you might be waiting longer to get served for drinks or in a restaurant, the only thing I would ask is please be patient and just consider that a lot of the staff might be under a lot more pressure due to staffing issues.

If you are going on holiday this year have a wonderful time, and if you do end up visiting Scotland a very warm welcome always awaits you.

Get in touch if you would like to book with us in 2023 and 2024.

Stay Safe